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Setting up Sales Funnels

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Disclaimer: This course will allow you to be as successful as you allow yourself to be. You will not be able to reach six figures as we have if you do not take every lesson seriously. The steps laid out in this course are the exact steps that we have implemented in our business. This course will list our challenges, our victories, and the exact solutions that continue to work for us.

This course will be helpful no matter if you choose to do credit repair for others or if you solely decide to educate on credit repair.

Disclaimer: All products, goods, and services sold by 25Kredit Repair Academy (including, but not limited to: e-books, training guides, online courses, course material, and any proprietary consultation information) are intended for the sole use of the purchasing party, and should be purchased directly from 25Kredit Repair Academy. Resale of any of products, goods, or services (originally produced or sold by 25Kredit Repair Academy) is strictly prohibited. We will pursue all matters of theft, piracy, plagiarism, bootlegging, fraud, impersonation, and copyright infringement legally – to the fullest extend of the law.

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