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The Affluent Sisterhood was created to help you find your freedom by opening your eyes to hidden knowledge that was always right under your nose.

If you desire an upgrade to your entire life and you are ready to roll up your sleeves & get to work, our community of supportive and like-minded individuals who are right where you are and right where you want to be are waiting for you.


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Turn your business and credit goals into reality with our credit and business course. In this course, you will learn how to step by step repair your own credit, establish and build business credit, and more!

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We Equip Individuals With The Tools And Education Needed To Build A Profitable Life.

Joy Bonelli

I am in awe of the assistance I received from The Affluent Sisterhood!! Thank you so much for the consultation and the added words of encouragement! I was so worried about applying for new credit but your detailed game plan worked super quick for me! I got approved for a new car loan and I’m so excited!! Your skills are amazing!


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This is the only credit repair company that I've felt had their customers best interest! Definitely satisfied so far with results!
Chenelle Monique
My credit is up 43 points in less than one month! 😩 Thank you The Affluent Sisterhood!
Amber Thomas
I really want to cry. Since following ur advice my credit went from 440 to this. A toxic marriage messed me all up and I feel God is giving me back what the devil tried to damage.
Anna M.