Instagram Ads


​It is important to have extra capital especially business capital when starting up cards that are maxed out under a business card does not impact you like a personal card Business pivots

Get comfortable with getting in front of the camera. Find ways to give out good information but not too much

Must have all pages and LinkTree set up PRIOR to having people come your way

Always keep and share your receipts for proof. People want to know that you’re the shit before they work with you.

-these testimonials could be on video (the best) or written/typed out.

Your story- share your truth with people (transparency works)

​Share your flex- flex on people from time to time. Or if that is your brand, make it about flexing because some people are only motivated by the flex.

Review the account to see what is not consistent and inaccurate

Look for:

Be specific for what you are stating is inaccurate

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