Sales Funnels continued


Setting up payment processors: Do this ASAP
(side note: make sure your business account is set up before this as well. You want all your money going there, not to personal accounts)

PayPal – there may be an initial waiting period but once that passes they allow you to get your money same day so that is a plus. If there are delays feel free to contact the company to expedite. You can also prepare invoices via paypal.

Stripe – may not be instant, website will specify. This processor does allow multiple card types

Banks (they have private processing systems) – they may have specific requirements, please inquire if this applies to you

Square as a payment processor –This is optional. If you have a physical office this may be convenient for your client. Although this may be an additional expense, weigh your options.

-this is something that will attract people! This is a freebie in exchange for their information in return.

For example, Name, email, phone number

–>> Things like Convert Kit (get this set up asap too) will allow you to store and retain that info that was just submitted via your lead page. Once that info is there, you always can connect with them until they unsubscribe.

connects to landing page (the page they land on)
The linktree that’s in our Instagram bio – they click the link and it will show them something (freebie) because you want to get their info ASAP! We want to connect with them asap. They will register all of their info . For example our lead page then links directly to our site that will allow interested persons to register for a free Kredit makeover.

Landing pages – choose theme – Name the page – Form settings

General email — For example “Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription” or “ Thank you for signing up! You will receive an email shortly with the information you’ve requested” (This what the client will get back once they submit their info right away) You can edit this how you like!

Incentive email – This is the email the client will get when they have confirmed their subscription. Will include freebie, links to download etc. Please edit the subject to your liking. For example, Thank your Subscribing (OPEN ME NOW). Edit the content as well, make sure you channel your inner voice.

Click auto confirm new subscribers – then click (save)

What is Linktree (syncs to leadpages) Use if you don’t have your own website

What is LeadPages-helps set up websites prior to having your own

ConvertKit: Email marketing

Topic: Sales Funnels (cont.)


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