Sales Funnels Part 2


We want the people who sign up, or who are interested in you to sign up for a sweet deal i.e freebie!! Prospective customers give their info in exchange for this hot free info tip. The goal is to obtain as much info as possible to build your list.

Once they click the freebie ➡️ we got their information and lock it down in  covert kit and they get put in a category!. This is important because we want to shape their experience based on their interests.

we take them through a funnel

Direct to purchase funnel

Freebie ➡️Gets their info ➡️

Trip wire – this is when you hit them with a deal while they are going through your funnel! This deal urges them to buy ( with discounts). Super discounted item! Once they go through the funnel they recognize the value in being locked in to our system and receive subscriber only deals(via email & text)

Other funnel option

Sign up –➡️ Get their info ➡️Tripwire with purchase?

-But hmmm maybe they still did not want to purchase! But that’s okay, we still have them locked in to the email and text list!!

✔️ it takes people 5-7 to see you in order to be comfortable purchasing with you!

✔️keep them locked in with an introduction, tips, educational emails… warm them up good!!

✔️Once you’ve hit them with enough beneficial info, give them that trip wire!! (insane discount, limited deal)

Once that customer makes the purchase they get added to an ADDITIONAL category (that is related to that most recent purchase)

  • But let’s say, they still say ehhhhh “I’m still not ready to purchase”. That’s okay! We will keep educating and sending tips periodically. We will get them with tripwires later down the line.

Make sure you stay connected with your audience anyway possible. Social sites could go away or be taken down anytime. Get those emails and texts and stay connected!


✔️Set up txt 180 . Here is the link.

✔️If you haven’t finalized your freebie please do that. You will need 3. Don’t forget this goes on to your lead pages. Get creative with it!

✔️Create your first sequence (make sure you have upgraded to the free trial so you can have access to set the automations for this)

If you are struggling with the sequence please let us know so Maggie can make an additional video or connect with you one on one.

**Please use the link below to book your next one on one session with Maggie so we can take a look at your credit once again and answer additional questions.

Topic: Sales Funnels (cont.)


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