The $25 Academy

$25.00 / month

With the $25 Academy,  you will have access to all of our lessons on credit. You will have access to six dispute letters. This will help & teach you how to dispute & get negative items removed from your credit. This option is preferred for those clients who want a more hands on approach to credit repair.


You will gain access to two support groups of your choosing, and you will be able to access the course until you decide to cancel. You must cancel prior to your next payment or the payment is not refundable and non-negotiable.



Course Content:

  • MODULE: DIY Credit Repair (Basic)
  • TOPIC 1:   Understanding what credit is made up of
  • TOPIC 2:   Factors that affect your credit
  • TOPIC 3:   Collections
  • TOPIC 4:   Credit Utilization
  • TOPIC 5:   Inquiries
  • TOPIC 6:   Building Credit Fast

Closing Resources

  • MODULE: Closing Resources
  • TOPIC:   Closing Resources


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