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My credit is up 43 points in less than one month! 😩 Thank you 25 Kredit Repair Academy!

Amber Thomas

I am in awe of the assistance I received from 25KRA!! Thank you so much for the credit consultation and the added words of encouragement! I was so worried about applying for new credit but your detailed game plan worked super quick for me! I got approved for a new car loan and I’m so excited!! Your skills are amazing!

Joy Bonelli

This is the only credit repair company that I’ve felt had their customers best interest! Definitely satisfied so far with results!

Chenelle Monique

My score went up 69 points in one week! I haven’t sent out my first set of letters yet.. I’m so happy to see what happens next! I’m 5 points from the 700 club.
Thanks to Maggie and her entire team many blessings to you all. I truly appreciate all the knowledge, the information you give and patience you have.

Ashley Baker