Facebook Ads


We are glad that we got to take a peek at your guys social media and give you some pointers to start gaining and retaining followers. We want you to always remember, the more followers you have, the more leads you have, which means more sales and money!!

Layout– allows you to create collages

Wordswag-allows you to create posts with words on them & pictures with back grounds like our blue posts

Facetune– allows you the ability to edit your pictures to make yourself cuter lol

Square Fit– allows you to fit your images into the instagram frame or have white borders on your pictures.

Picplaypost– allows you to have video posts and image collages

Repost– allows you to repost a video that was reposted on instagram

Watermark– allows you to watermark your pictures so no one can steal your work

Inshot– is how I make my video. To do the side by side like me, record from your phone vertically, to do meme style videos with the caption at the top and bottom, record in land scape or horizontal mode.

Mematic– is how I make our funny memes or posts lol

This is a really cool tracker that NO ONE has except us since we had it created. So we hope that you like it.

(this video was made prior to us changing one of the features. We switched it to “followers before ad”, and “followers after ad”)

We will also send you an updated link to schedule your 1:1 with Maggie.

Homework for next meeting:

We will review your link tree. Please have it ready

Have your social media platforms ready as well.

Read or Listen to: The 4-hour Work Week

We will also send you an updated link to schedule your 1:1 with Maggie.

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